How to get here

Travel to Tikal from Guatemala City (9 hrs)

You can take either an overnight or morning bus from different bus stations such as Linea Dorada, Fuente del Norte or ADN. Linea Dorada departures: 6:00 a.m. / 11:00 a.m./ 9:00 p.m. Prices may vary from economical to deluxe. Most of them have air conditioning, t.v., and bathroom. The trip could be tired because the bus takes 8-9 hours to get to the bus station in Santa Elena (the main city in Petén).We offer taxi service from the bus station to our hotel in El Remate, please contact us for more information. Cost $28.00 hotel pick up.

Important: When arriving in Flores, don’t let anyone show you to a transportation. They may be arranging to sell you a private trip, which is much more expensive or even you may be ripped off by non-authorized sellers/travel agents. Instead, ask to be dropped off at the bus station in Santa Elena.

Travel to Tikal from Belize City/Marine terminal(5 hrs)

Take a Linea Dorada or San Juan Travel bus, these companies depart from the marine terminal at 10:00 a.m.

Ask for drop off in El Remate, the driver can charge you $2.00 to take you to El Remate from the crossroad (in Ixlu village 2 km far) because it is not its regular route. Or you can get off at Ixlu village (Crossroads) and we can send a taxi for you. Upon request.

It’s very important to you to tell the driver that your destiny is El Remate because he can takes you to Santa Elena instead. You could get off at “El Cruce” in Ixlú Village and wait for another minibus to El Remate (They pass every 15 minutes) cost aprox. Q.5.00 ($US 0.66) per person.

Or you can get off at Ixlu village (Crossroads) and we can send a taxi for you. Upon request.

Travel to Tikal from Cobán, Lanquín, Semuc Champey (6.5 hrs)

Buy daily shuttles direct to Flores at any travel agency in Cobán. Buy with “Transportes Luna” or “Aventuras Turísticas” these transport companies can take you directly to El Remate, please ask for the extra charge to drop off at El Remate, fare could be $5.00 per person, it may vary, or we can send a taxi to Santa Elena to pick you up and take you to our place for a really cheap fair.

Bus station in Santa Elena: if you want to take a local bus, you must go to the bus station in Santa Elena and take a local bus to El Remate. Open hours from 6:00 am-17 hrs. The office in the new bus station is located next to Linea Dorada office. If you can’t find open the office, you must go to the old bus station (different location than the new one) We recommend to take a tuc-tuc taxi (widely used in Santa Elena) to get to the old bus station.

Departure from Lanquín 7:00 a.m. & departure from Cobán at 9:00 a.m. the arrival time in Flores is aprox. 16:00 hrs.

Local bus (from to El Remate/Flores)

From El Remate you can take the bus across the street from the hotel, they usually start working from 5:30 am and then they run
every 15 minutes. Price $2.60 or Q.20.00 (only take quetzales)